1. "Children, parents, anyone will adore this album"
    -Pierre, 19, France

  2. "We especially love to listen to the mash-ups in the car to make longer rides more lively. "
    -Chelsey, 30, MA

  3. "They rekindle that childlike love for Disney."
    -Addie, 22, MA

  4. "Fresh, modern Disney goodness that Mom will enjoy as much as the kids.
    -Sabrina, 41, UT

  5. "I loved it!"
    -Alicia, 18, UT

  6. "Amazing creative arrangements that will take you back to your childhood"
    -Tim, 29, CO

  7. "I will be continuing to enjoy it for a good long while to come"
    -Kate, 42, Canada

  8. "It was really creative the way they combined songs... It was really cool too."
    -Kaitlynn, 13, UT

  9. "Scott and Ryceejo are the perfect Disney a cappella duo!"
    -Phoenix, 24, TX

  10. "Star-crossed mash ups! Simply incredible"
    -Alaiya, 20, AZ

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Who are we?
Modern pop a cappella duo Scott & Ryceejo consists of husband and wife, Scott Shattuck and Ryceejo Nordstrom Shattuck. Having wet his whistle for a cappella production and performance during his 3 years performing with BYU Vocal Point, Scott met future wife Ryceejo at Brigham Young University, an incredibly gifted young lady with an even bigger heart whose talents lay in piano, guitar and singing. Even before marriage, this couple was already recording such songs as "I Choose You" and "Stay Stay Stay" to give as wedding favors. Since the beginning they've always self-produced all of their music.